Located in central Stockholm, Nada Studio is a place for music and art experimentation and development.

Resident band is Detintin.



Owned and managed by Sven Trebard

This is my 6-string, fretless Anthony Jackson shape Fodera. More info on www.valkyria.com

This is my MTD 635 #1425, a 6-string, 24-fret, ash body electric bass with a Bartolini preamp, handbuilt by Michael Tobias.
"This is an absolutely stunning MTD that will redefine what you know about 635's. This bass has all the hallmarks of an über high-end bass including an exhibition Buckeye top, highly figured birdseye Maple fingerboard, exposed pole Nordstrand dual coils in wooden covers, Maple pickup covers, Purpleheart/Wenge multiple body veneers, matching headstock and matching trussrod covers." The quote is from The Groove Shoppe, which is where I bought it in 2006.
There were even a few threads popping up at the Talkbass forum about this bass. One thread and another.
Click on photos for enlargement.

This is my 2006 Gibson Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul guitar. There is a review about it online.


The studio also contains the following instruments:

Nord Stage

Fender Stratocaster


Roland V-Stage TD-12K

Fender Jazz Bass

Martin DC Aura